Rolls-Royce To Supply 23 Mtu Onsite Energy Diesel Gensets To Data Centre In Amsterdam

Rolls-Royce has received an order to supply a total of 23 MTU Onsite Energy emergency generators with an aggregate rating of 57 MW for a data centre in Amsterdam.                                        


The gensets will all be based on the 20-cylinder Series 4000 engine, each producing 2,480 kW of electricity. In an emergency, they can be run constantly for up to 48 hours. The data centre is operated by US company EdgeConneX, which already uses 80 MTU gensets for its standby power requirements at its data centres in the US. The MTU Onsite Energy brand is part of Rolls-Royce Power Systems.


The diesel gensets are being supplied complete with a 30,000 litre fuel tank and will be installed in containers in order to meet noise control requirements. MTU's Series 4000 engines meet the EU Stage III/ Tier III emission requirements. They also produce their full electrical output within 15 seconds of start-up, thereby meeting the customer's stringent project requirements. The gensets are to safeguard standby power requirements for 15 to 20 years.


Matthias Vogel, Vice-President Power Generation at Rolls-Royce Power Systems, said: “MTU Onsite Energy gensets are currently safeguarding critical standby power requirements in a great many data centres across the world. This order from EdgeConneX is enabling us to take a further step in growing our market share of major data centres in Europe.”


For data centres, especially, high safety and quality requirements, as well as superb deadline credentials, are key essentials. Chuck Bongiovanni, Vice President Logistics and Procurement at EdgeConneX said: “We're delighted to have found, in Rolls-Royce, a global partner whose excellent service network means we can rely on them outside of the US as well. We've already been convinced of the quality of MTU's project management and genset performance in our other projects.” In the US, EdgeConneX data centres have around 80 MTU Onsite Energy gensets currently in service. The Amsterdam project will be the first joint data centre outside the US.

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