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GE is developing dynamically on the service market for power equipment from other manufacturers

GE Power Services refurbish a steam turbine at the mill Mondi SA At the same time end large-scale modernization of boilers in two coal plants whose operators are Czech company CEZ, as and Energotrans. This is another of a series of orders that provide enhanced capabilities of GE in the area of maintenance services for power equipment from other manufacturers, which the company acquired after the takeover of Alstom Power in November 2015.


"Acquired contracts shows that GE is a provider of comprehensive solutions for operators around the world, regardless of whether the turbines and other components were supplied by GE, Alstom, or other original equipment manufacturer," - said Paul McElhinney, president and CEO of GE Power Services -"the goal of GE is supporting operators who want to increase the efficiency of power generation plants.With the technology and knowledge of all major power plants and numerous manufacturers, Power Services offers solutions that provide even better performance . "


Repair of industrial steam turbine Siemens in the paper mill Mondi Swiecie SA
GE Power Services will hold a paper mill Mondi SA renovation of industrial steam turbine Siemens 48 MW, supplied by PBS Brno. Repair will help prolong the life of the individual. "GE's offer was chosen because of technical solutions, favorable price and short lead time" - said Tomasz Katewicz, Production Director of Mondi Swiecie SA


The project, GE will conduct repair of steam turbine belonging to the Siemens turbine set Nr. 2, one of the four operating a power plant. The company will conduct a repair factory rotor providing a new steam turbine blades, and perform repair factory generator rotor. In addition, a team of GE technicians make on-site repair of the control system of the turbine generator and auxiliary equipment. Mondi Swiecie SA belongs to the Mondi Group, an international group of industry packaging and paper, employing about 25 000 people in the production plants in 30 countries.The modernization of coal-fired power boilers Počerady and Mělník in Czech Republic


GE recently completed an extensive modernization of boilers in coal-fired power Elektrárna Počerady, as belonging to the CEZ Group, and coal power plant Mělník I, belonging to Energotrans as, operator and engineering company owned by CEZ. Modernization has allowed to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx) by 60%, making electricity and heat for households and industry are produced today in line with EU emission standards.


"Thanks to the work of modernization carried out in a power plant Melnik I cities such as Prague, Neratovice and Mělník will be able in the coming years to enjoy a reliable supply of heat produced according to environmental standards," - said Miroslav Krpec, CEO Energotrans - "In the course of 2015 years gradually we introduced upgraded equipment into operation, so that the people of Prague and central Bohemia quickly felt the improvement of air quality. "


Oxides of nitrogen are byproducts of combustion. Control of NOx emissions is essential for operators, because in themselves they are not only the main air pollutants, but they are also the cause of acid rain and react in the atmosphere to form ozone, the main component in smog. The problem of maintenance of ozone in the atmosphere remains unresolved in many places around the world, people breathe air much more than provided for in the normal range. [1]

The project included the modernization of four boilers with a capacity of 200 MW pulverized coal, made by the Czech engineering group Vitkovice for power Počerady located in the north-western Czech Republic, as well as six boilers pulverized coal producing 1089 MW, also supplied by Vitkovice and working in the power plant Mělník AND.


"To ensure proper commissioning of equipment in the power plant Počerady six days gradually increased our output of each boiler from 130 to 190 MW. Each boiler has passed demanding strength tests and we are very pleased with both the operating parameters of new equipment, as well as the efficiency of the project by a team of GE, " - said Jiří Kulhánek, CEO of the company Elektrárna Počerady, as belonging to the CEZ Group.


About GE Power Services
GE Power Services, based in Baden, Switzerland, provides customers with world-class solutions for the full range of energy technologies covering the entire period of their operation. Our services are used around the world, more than 2 800 customers with more than 28 000 of generating assets, also include equipment coming from other OEMs. We offer solutions in the area of Internet Industrial improving the performance of our solutions throughout their lifecycle by leveraging capabilities of analytics and big data.For more information visit

About GE Power

GE Power is a world leader in the production of electricity supporting clients its expertise in the field of electricity generation from a wide range of fuels. Transformation of the electricity production sector by offering digital power plant, the largest and most efficient gas turbine in the world, a full range of solutions in the field of energy technologies, including their modernization and maintenance, as well as software that makes use of the potential of the data. Thanks to our innovative technologies and offer digital solutions to electric energy is becoming cheaper, more reliable, available and sustainable.
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About GE
GE is a leading company in the era of digital industry. The company has transformed the industry based on machines and solutions using smart software that enables better, faster and more reliable communication. GE operates based on the idea of "GE Store" - a global center of knowledge-sharing, so that all departments gain reciprocal access to its technology, markets, structures and experience. Each innovation develop further use in any of our industrial sectors. Thanks to our employees, services, technologies and the impact of scale, GE speaks the language of the industry and provides its customers with the best solutions.

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