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Denmark sets world record in wind – again

2014 saw once again a world record for the Danish energy sector, as wind provided 39.1% of the Danish electricity. This was reported by the Danish transmission regulator

We have only just left 2014, yet it is already clear that 2014 was an extremely good year in terms of electricity production from the Danish wind turbines. In total, 39.1 % of Danish electricity came from wind energy. In comparison, this figure was 33.2 % in 2013.

"We have seen a good increase from 2013 to 2014. I am particularly pleased that the energy industry has once again proven that wind turbines have a central role in a modern energy system. With this, Denmark proves that it is possible to handle large amounts of wind energy without a problem," Jan Hylleberg says, CEO for the Danish Wind Industry Association.

In 2013, a large expansion of new wind energy capacity took place in Denmark with the grid connection of the 400 MW Anholt Offshore Wind farm as well as a record high number of onshore wind turbines. The fruits of this became evident in 2014. According to, 2014 was just an ordinary 'wind-year' with an average amount of wind. January 2014, however, saw periods with lots of wind and on average 61.7% of electricity consumption this month came from wind turbines.

"Every year, we prove that we can integrate more electricity from wind turbines into the energy system. The major task is now to ensure that we use this electricity in the transport and heating sector.

Together with politicians, we must urgently ensure more large heat pumps in the direct heating network, as a huge potential lies here," Jan Hylleberg concludes.

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