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ALECTIA and SEAS/NVE were full-service consultants during a major energy restoration of selected municipal properties in Faxe Municipality. With energy conservation measures such as solar cells, insulation and geothermal systems, the municipality has achieved significant financial savings and reduced its annual CO2 emissions.

Faxe Municipality completed a major energy restoration of selected municipal properties in 2011. Besides solar cell systems and geothermal systems, the restoration included insulation, ventilation plant restoration and replacement of lighting and heating plants. The project has reduced the municipality’s annual CO2 emissions with 540 tonnes in total, and the payback time of the initiatives is down to five to seven years.

In order to choose the most appropriate energy conservation measures, Faxe Municipality completed the compulsory energy labeling of all its municipal properties in 2010. The energy labeling included overall information on the energy consumption of each property and the opportunities for savings with each initiative.

In consultation with ALECTIA and SEAS/NVE and based on the energy labeling, the municipality prepared a long-term plan for reducing its energy consumption. Among other things, two energy conservation projects were implemented in two municipal schools.

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