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OneRoof Energy Continues Sales Channel Expansion with Blue Raven Solar

OneRoof Energy, Inc., a residential solar services provider and wholly-owned subsidiary of OneRoof Energy Group, Inc. today announced that Blue Raven Solar has been added to the Company's growing list of sales channel partners.   Blue Raven is headquartered in Utah with growing markets throughout northern and southern California, as well as expanding operations on the East Coast.  Blue Raven's founders have exhibited excellent traction in the direct sales arena with demonstrated success in the home security, telecommunications, and pest control industries. Blue Raven will be offering OneRoof Energy solar systems to its new and potential customers.

"We know how important the option of solar is for our customers. OneRoof Energy's highly competitive Power Purchase Agreement gives homeowners a streamlined solar financing option that combines the low upfront cost with immediate utility savings," said Ryan Lee, Chief Executive Officer for Blue Raven. "The Blue Raven team offers homeowners intelligent energy consumption options.  Teaming with OneRoof Energy allows homeowners the opportunity to create sustainable and affordable solar options – a clear win-win for both the customer and the environment."


Focused on rapidly capturing the fast-growing solar sector, this collaboration leverages Blue Raven's diversified sales and marketing platform to reach potential new customers and expand its markets.  Key to a strong consumer value proposition is the flexible financing programs offered by OneRoof Energy, as well as the state-of-the-art proprietary design and quote technology which helps to shorten install times, reduce cancellations and makes going solar a simple process.


"With our recent expansion into Connecticut and New Jersey, joining forces with Blue Raven accelerates our efforts to make clean energy a hassle-free, web-based choice for a wide range of American homeowners," said OneRoof Energy President and Chief Executive Officer, David Field. "We're excited about the opportunity to leverage Blue Raven's proven insights to expand our current channel partner relationships. We are confident the Blue Raven-OneRoof Energy partnership will quickly deliver value for both organizations".

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