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  The Office of Indian Energy and Economic Development has awarded $1.9 million to four Indian tribes for hydropower projects, including the acquisition of 194-MW Kerr Dam in Montana.   The funding was awarded Oct. 2 as part of $9.4 million to 46 tribal agencies to assist in developing energy…
Gilkes Energy has begun construction of the 0.9MW Kames Hydro project located on the east shore of Loch Awe on the National Forest Estate managed by Forestry Commission Scotland. Gilkes Energy begins construction of Scottish small hydro project The company describes the project as a "classic" high-head design incorporating a…
The UK's National Trust has switched on its first large hydro turbine at a Snowdonia farm in Wales. The turbine is expected to generate 1,900 MWhr per year, which is more electricity than is needed to light up all the places the Trust look safter in Wales, including eight mansions,…
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