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Pedro Pileggi says that company is excited and confident in winning projects for source

Renova Energia is optimistic about the progress in the solar market and the auction reserve energy, scheduled for October 31, as pointed the CFO and Investor Relations Officer of the company, Pedro Pileggi, in a conference call with reporters. The reason are the conditions set for the event, which will bring real signals for the development of a supply chain for the industry.


"We are very excited about the auction and think it will be very important for the development of the sector," Pileggi said. The event, which will also feature a wind power and biogas from municipal solid waste, has a positive point source separation by product, bringing a greater opportunity for investors in solar power projects.


"This is the first auction with solar product, this means that a demand will be allocated to meet specific energy with solar," said the executive. He also understood how similar the characteristics of the event with the exclusive auction for wind power held in 2009.


According to him, with an inserted only for solar product, you can have winners with projects for the source. "It is super important to foster supply chain, because usually you have a chicken and egg situation regarding the BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development), which requires both finance and national content, and the manufacturer who wants to nationalize but wants to see a demand to justify the investment.


" The director of Renova further stated that the development bank and the Energy Research Company (EPE) have all the information necessary to be a successful auction to the source. About what has been working in this direction, Pileggi said that the concept is that the requirement will be to assemble the panels in the country, with a timetable for adding accessories with national content to equipment without an initial high-tech development.


And that would be a smart strategy. "First you have a schedule of time and then the accessories, and the more you add accessories with local content, greater access to finance you have. You leave for the private sector an incentive associated with an investment cost. And who better to read the market, make the investment and take the decision to have the accessories with local content, will also offer customers a possibility of higher leverage and obtain a higher percentage of investment, "he said. On the strategies of the company for the event, the director of investor relations did not disclose details, but said that will depend on funding rules, to be published soon, the announcement and price ceiling set for the event.


Distributed generation in distributed generation, the company pointed out the progress with the completion of two projects, 8,3kWp in Curitiba, which was connected to the network in May, and the 4,4kWp in Rio de Janeiro, which is still awaiting connection. Despite the high costs still prove to projects in the segment, with a lower level of competitiveness, lack of transmission cost, compared to more expensive energy for small-scale production, can bring a positive equation for consumers low strain. For perspective, consider Pileggi regions with good radiation and high cost of transmission to low voltage consumers. "The equation is positive in several markets. We are very excited, is still in the initial steps, has legislation and necessary adjustments, but we are very dedicated to becoming a leader in this market and take advantage of this growth, "he concluded.

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